The Company

Sede legale e operativa Prototek e Selltek - Valenza (AL)


Prototek is a 3D printing service, a company operating in the field of CAD and rapid prototyping.


With high standards of quality and confidentiality, Prototek gives shape to your ideas by offering the ability to market innovative product lines in times and strategically winning.



The technical know-how gained over the years, trained staff and significant investments in innovative technologies make our 3D printing service the ideal partner for the development of your product.


Prototek is now the service of rapid prototyping oriented high definition printing largest in Italy and the only company in Europe in which live service and resale Selltek authorized 3D Systems printers.


Service of 3D printing and rapid prototyping

Prototek is made of a consolidated group of professionals selected for expertise in different areas, 3D printing for jewelry is the sector in which we have invested primarily serving the poles of Valenza, Arezzo and Vicenza.

Professionality can not be improvised, we count on a team of computer experts and technicians who guarantee our continuous operation, goldsmiths “converted” to the CAD design ensure feasibility and aesthetics of the product of jewelry, our customer advisers are prompt in meet customer needs.

Prototek and Selltek, pioneers of 3D printing in Italy

The first printer that has been made operating by Prototek and Selltek was ignited in 2001 when 3D printing was still a pipe dream.

We are pioneers of 3D printing in Italy, and with the largest reseller Selltek at European level of 3D Systems (a leading global manufacturer of 3D printers, 3D scanners) we form the only group in Europe that includes resale and 3D printing service.

The staff consists of 10 CAD designers, 4 rapid prototyping technicians, one silicone molds expert and other figures about the administration, customer care and marketing.

Prototek works closely with Selltek composed of numerous commercial agents divided by Italian areas and certified technicians are always striving to provide customer support and to raise awareness of the extraordinary range of 3D Systems printers throughout the national territory.